Get Set for iOS 12


Get Set for iOS 12

The new operating system for your iPhones and iPads, iOS 12, will be released Monday, September 17. ( A time hasn’t been given, but many releases have been  around 10 or 11 a.m. PDT.)  You’ll know when it’s available because you’ll see an alert in your in your setting menu. ( Go to Settings > General > Software Update. When iOS 12 is available, you’ll see an option to Upgrade.)

Why should you upgrade to iOS 12? There aren’t tons of new features with this upgrade, but the most significant ones enhance performance and battery use. Also, all devices currently running iOS 11 are compatible with the iOS 12. This means every iPhone going back to iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Even the older devices will see better performance. The camera launches are reported to be up to 70 percent faster and the keyboard launches up to 50 percent faster.

Here are the steps I like to follow before I upgrade to a new system:

Get rid of unnecessary apps and files.

1. I like to go through all of my apps and delete those I haven’t used in 6 months or more.  These might be games that were fun for a week or even a few months, but that I’ve since forgotten. You can always re-download any purchased apps from the App Store should you change your mind. 

2.  The biggest storage issue for most people are their photos and videos. Delete any     duplicates or ones you don’t want. You can also back your photos to your computer if you need more storage room.

3. Delete old texts and emails.

Back up your device

The easiest way is just to back up to iCloud and hopefully, you’ve been backing up on a regular basis anyway. (Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back up Now)


You can also back it up to your computer using iTunes.  Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. (Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Update it if you have an older version.) iTunes should open automatically. Click the iPhone or iPad icon in the iTunes window in the top left corner. You may need to click on “Trust” your computer, then click “Back Up Now”. 

Make sure you know your iPhone/iPad passcode as well as your Apple ID and Password before you begin. 

 A few cautions…

 The first day of the release, or at least the first few hours might not be the best time to do the update. With thousands of people trying to download it at the same time, the system often bogs down. It can take a very long time to do the update and some times there are glitches and crashes in the middle of a download.  Some recommend waiting even a week or longer to make sure there aren’t any bugs in the first few days. (I have been running the Beta versions for a few weeks now, and I haven’t had any problems  – yet.)

When you do decide to upgrade, make sure you’re on a wifi network, and it’s best to have your device plugged into the charger.

What can iOS 12 do for you?  In addition to the performance improvements, these are a few of the new features I find most interesting:

Animojis and Memojis  They certainly are not necessary and they are only available for iPhone X models, but they are a lot of fun. Animoji’s were available with last year’s iPhone X, and a T-Rex, koala, tiger, and ghost are the new ones added to iOS 12. The Memoji takes things to the next level. Basically you create your own personalized Animoji by choosing the hair, face, eyes, etc. that most look like you. 




Siri Shortcuts App – This is a tool integrated with Siri that can help you perform tasks faster and more easily. Basically, it automates and combines tasks that you do frequently, and you can customize a brief Siri command to do the job.  I’ll demonstrate this more in a future post, but some examples of Siri Shortcuts you might create are  “Calculate Tip”  and “Home ETA”.

“Home ETA” combines a series of tasks to send an automatic text to family members that you’re on your way home: The Maps app finds your current location and calculates the driving time to arrive home, based on traffic conditions. Siri then finds the phone number of the family member(s) you wish to notify and  automatically sends a text.  The only thing you need to do is ask Siri “Home ETA” and the text is sent before you can even open the Maps app manually. The received text will read:  I’m at {your current address} and I’ll be home in ____ minutes.

Improved Notifications – All of your notifications will now be grouped by apps and context. You can tap on them to expand them, and you can now manage them directly from the lock screen.

Group FaceTime –  You will now be able to use FaceTime with up to 32 people simultaneously.   Group members will be shown in a tiled interface. The tile of the person speaking will enlarge automatically.

Apple Books –  This is the redesigned iBooks app that is more user-friendly.

Measure –  A brand new app that will allow you to measure objects from your phone. Think of it as a virtual tape measure that can accurately measure anything that the phone’s camera can detect.

Screen Tine – This will identify your most frequently used apps and how much time you spend on each one, as well as how much time each day you are looking at your screen. It’s also a tool for parents to help monitor their child’s time online.

Plus improvements to Photos, Apple News, Voice Memos, Do Not Disturb options, and Stocks. 

But that’s enough for now. Let me know in the comments which features interest you.