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The Maps app has some new features that are very useful as well as fun.  In addition to the basic directions, Maps now lets you know when you need to change lanes so you don’t miss your exit.  Also, speed limits are now shown while navigating in Maps.

The new Indoor Maps is my favorite Maps feature in iOS 11. Only a few airports and shopping malls are available so far, but many more will be added in the future.  The Miami International Airport is one that you can check out now.

In the Maps app, tap the info icon (i at the top right of the screen) to choose the default Map view, Traffic view or Satellite. If Satellite is chosen, you have the option of 2D or 3D.

The regular Map view must be selected for Indoor Maps.

If an Indoor Map has been completed for an airport, its map will include Look Inside spots. Tap on one of them to see the layout of the Gate locations and more.

If you scroll below the map you can choose to find out more details about particular venues in the airport – Shop, Food, Drinks and Restrooms. Tap on Food to see all of the restaurant and food court options in the area.

Tap on a number to show all of the individual shops located in an area. If there is more than one level in the airport, it is indicated by L1 or L2 on the indoor map.

The coolest feature in iOS 11 Maps is the way the  Flyover feature works due to the ARKit technology (the new Augmented Reality framework). It’s an extension of the 3D view of selected cities and landmarks, but now you can interact with it by moving your device. Let’s go to Paris to check it out!

First type in Paris as your destination, then tap on the Info icon. Select Satellite view, close out the info screen and select 3D. Tap on Flyover to begin your journey.


Point your device to the bottom to see street level rather than the tops of buildings. Pinch and zoom to navigate, but turn in different directions to actually change your location.

For more Flyover fun, go to Yosemite National Park or take a tour of Sydney. Australia.

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    • Hey Julie,
      Glad you’re enjoying these! I’ve only found a few airports that have the Indoor Maps, including Philadelphia, Minneapolis, San Jose, and Miami. There are probably more, but if it doesn’t have the Look Inside link it hasn’t been updated yet.

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