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I am long overdue to post anything here, and I’ll try to make up for some lost time by giving some quick tips for those of you using Apple products with iOS 11. In case you haven’t found all the new features on your own, I plan to focus on one item a day, starting with the new Control Center.

It’s one of my favorite things in iOS 11 because it gives you many more options, and it’s easy to use. Your Control Center is still accessed by pulling up from the bottom of your screen. (Unless you have the new iPhone X, but more about that next week.)

Within Control Center, you have easy access to all of your connectivity options, music volume, screen orientation lock, do not disturb, flashlight, alarm, calculator, camera, timer, notes, screen recording and your wallet for Apple Pay. (And others you may customize in Settings.) The Double Circle icon shows one of the great new features in Control Center – Screen Recording! It’s highlighted in red below, as I used it to record this little tutorial:

The Connectivity options include airplane mode, cellular data, wifi and bluetooth. By tapping and holding on one of those options, a new screen is launched showing additional options, including Air Drop and Personal Hotspot. Tap on either to change the current setting. (Air Drop – Everyone, Contacts Only, or Receiving Off.)

You can customize the options that you want available to you in Control Center by going to Settings/Control Center:


At the next screen, tap Customize Controls:


The apps that are currently included are shown at the top of the screen. Tapping on the red circle to the left of the name, gives you the option to remove that app from your Control Center.


The lower portion of the screen shows additional apps that can be added. Tap the green circle to move that app to the top of the screen, and it will automatically be added to your Control Center.


The order of the apps can be changed by pressing and holding on the three bars to the right of the app name and then dragging it the desired location.

Have fun with the new Control Center in iOS 11! Tomorrow we’ll explore what’s new in Maps.



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