Double those exposures!

Here’s the promised tutorial for creating blended images with the Enlight App for the iPad.

First select your two images. The first should be a landscape image that  has a lot of detail.

The second should be a portrait of an animal or a person.  It helps if the background of the portrait isn’t too complicated or busy, but you can always fix that with a few additional steps.

For my first image, I chose a landscape of Mt. Denali reflected in Wonder Lake.


The second was of a big boar grizzly bear walking past Silver Salmon Creek Lodge in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.


To eliminate the background, I followed these steps:

Tap Image > Adjust> Tools > Basic tab. I then set Offset to 100. (Swipe across the screen to change the desired amount from 0-100.) The image is now totally white.  To “bring back” only the bear, I then tapped Mask and used the Eraser ( Wipe ) to selectively “paint” back the bear. I then saved this as my new image.


Next, I selected my Denali image and then tapped Tools > Mixer  and selected my bear portrait.    I “pinched” and “zoomed” the bear image until it covered a portion of the landscape image that I liked.


Back to the Tools tab, I then selected Blending > Lighten.  For your image, experiment to see what works best for your subjects ( Overlay, Burn, Screen) and change the intensity by changing the amount (swipe right or left on screen).

Finally, return to the Tools  and use the paint brush or eraser to add or subtract details to achieve your desired final result.


For me, the most difficult part of this process is choosing two images that will work well together to combine as an interesting new photo.

Have fun!

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