SCAM ALERT for iPhone and iPad Users

I’ve recently received a few panicked phone calls from friends because their iPhone or iPad screen has frozen while browsing in Safari. A pop-up appears on their screen that says:

“Warning!! iOS Crash Report!!. Due to a third party application in your device, iOS is crashed. Contact Support for Immediate Fix.”

Of course it is not Apple Support, but someone who is trying to con you to pay money/give credit card info to solve the problem.

Luckily there’s an easy fix you can do yourself:

1) Turn your device on to “airplane mode”, either by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the plane logo, or going to Settings and toggling Airplane Mode on.
2) Delete your Safari data by going to Settings -> Safari -> Clear History and Website Data
3) Open Safari and exit Airplane Mode
To prevent this from happening you can block pop-ups: Settings >Safari > General > Block Pop-ups/
 Has this happened to you or have you had similar problems? Please comment below and let m know.

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